Security Pills # 5: Having systems that offer advanced features with an excellent quality-price ratio

Budget is King: the implementation of a quality security system is an important investment for any organization.

The president of Security-Net, a Security Management network in the USA and Canada, recently underlined how standardization in centralization platforms is a key factor for savings, to which, especially in recent years, Security Managers attach particular importance when choosing which software to use. Continue reading nt-sawmill

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Security Pills #4: Having flexible systems that can natively adapt to customer requests and respond to an increasing integration of information

Every security infrastructure is different, just as every organization is. The evolution towards centralization and technological interoperability of security calls for the adoption of flexible systems that can adapt to the multiple needs of security operators. Continue reading nt-sawmill

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Quality is the best business plan (John Lasseter)

Security Pills #3: having reliable, certified systems that bring concrete result

The “Effective Security Management” manual by Charles Sennewald and Curtis Baillie, in its 2020 edition, emphasizes that quality is decisive both in the security procedures and in the systems used. However, to implement a procedure in a precise and timely manner, there is a need for systems that provide equally timely and accurate information. Continue reading nt-sawmill

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Security Pills #2: Having innovative technologies at disposal of those who install security systems to help them meet customers’ protection needs

Physical security is ever-changing. In 2018, the consulting firm Accenture published a whitepaper, “Future of Physical Security”, underlining how digital transformation has made many positive contributions to physical security management, but has also unintentionally made available new tools that can generate security risks for the assets of an organization. Continue reading nt-sawmill

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Security Pills #1: Having a management system that is easy to configure and start up

In recent years, many consulting firms have focused on the benefits that centralization brings to organizations seeking greater protection in the era of “digital transformation”.
Former Microsoft CSO (Chief Security Officer), Mike Howard, during his speech in the annual “Security Converged Summit 2019” stated that, also in security, the future is digital and the market is moving towards an always deeper integration of devices and an increasingly massive exploitation of the network. Continue reading nt-sawmill
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Thanks to the important partnership with the telecommunications company Prasetia Dwidharma, ViMS Technology has arrived in Indonesia to support traffic monitoring. Prasetia Dwidharma is an important promoter and distributor of Prassel solutions within a market with considerable potential, with the aim of making ViMS Technology the reference standard for Law Enforcement and traffic monitoring activities.

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From the 19th to the 21st of January 2020, Prassel participated in Intersec Dubai, a leading trade fair in the Safety, Security & Fire Protection sector, with the aim of activating partnerships with local distributors, system integrators and investors; get to know other suppliers to integrate new communication protocols, promote the knowledge and sale of ViMS products and exchange know-how to optimize integration processes.

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