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Face recognition

AI Biometric analysis

With MagicBox known people can be automatically recognized through biometric analysis, increasing the protection of sensitive areas and the effectiveness of access monitoring procedures.

In this way, it is possible to receive an alert whenever the system identifies an unknown person in order to carry out the necessary identity controls.

Use cases


MagicBox’s artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing biometric data of faces while fully respecting privacy regulations.

Sensitive environments are protected through the creation of customized whitelists and blacklists that allow on-field systems to carry out biometric recognition procedures automatically.


Biometric recognition significantly increases awareness of people’s presence in a specific facility, both in ordinary and emergency situations.

Indeed, even in the event of an accident, face recognition algorithms can be a useful tool to speed up both evacuation and attendance control procedures.


Face recognition automates discretionary access control procedures in protected areas allowing to set up custom access privileges and time slots.

Integration with external I/O devices allows to automate access control, reporting any event and guaranteeing unauthorized entries.

The universal AI video analytics system 

Face Recognition algorithms guarantee extreme security for corporate assets, ensuring that only authorized people access sensitive environments. Thus, it is possible to:

  • recognize and highlight known faces
  • turn biometric data into access credentials
  • automatically check attendance

All biometric data is managed by MagicBox respecting privacy regulations and ensuring total compliance with monitoring operations.

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