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Experience at the service of Partners and Customers

In the event of maintenance and expansion operations of security infrastructures, our assistance service reduces the time to resolve technical complexities thanks to decades of experience in managing installations that rely on Prassel security solutions.

Our team is available for technical interventions on infrastructures employing our solutions with an active maintenance contract.

We deliver direct support services to give complete assistance to customers and partners, regardless of their level of technical autonomy.

We are always ready to deal professionally with new maintenance requests.

due operatori dell'assistenza guardano un monitor

Dedicated support team

Readiness and know-how

Certainty of result

insieme di impianti di sicurezza in un cerchio che li integra

We support partners and customers in renewing their physical security infrastructures.

We directly develop ViMS and MagicBox technologies and are able adapt their operation to different industry requirements.

We add value with the customization of our solutions and their ability to synergistically grow with security organizations.

Dynamic system evolution

Integration of new technologies

Operational customization

Security and reliability

We provide a comprehensive assistance service that supports its stakeholders in all phases of their Safety & Security integration projects: from design, to installation, to solutions’ maintenance.

Our team supports the identification of goals and mitigation of security risks, helping to develop and manage integrated solutions that can flexibly adapt to the different needs of each operational context.

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