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Advanced territory analysis

Location Intelligence is an integral part of any business model that aims to make understanding the territory an asset for success, turning its characteristics into a competitive advantage.

Prassel offers open-source technological solutions based on QGIS software, to carry out customized and contextualized territory analysis in different operational environments.

Prassel’s solutions ensure detailed knowledge of specific business areas through the prompt availability of socio-demographic and commercial data.

The geo-referenced representation of this information supports strategic planning activities, such as opening new stores or assigning qualitative goals and KPIs to distribution centers.

This enables the informed management of geographical presence to promote more effective strategic decision-making and optimize business processes.

città vista dall'alto con una rete che unisce gli edifici e un globo in sovraimpressione

Comprehensive analysis of territorial data

Contextualization of data and information

Advanced business network management

insieme di dati statistici aggregati in grafici

Location Intelligence provides useful information for leveraging enterprise databases to make them suitable for specific analytic purposes, enhancing the quality of data collected by organizations.

The tools provided by Prassel make it possible to automate recurring data collection tasks, carry out complex processing, and easily manage business information.

As a result, it is possible to obtain an overview useful for business planning, while storing and sharing information when needed.

On-Map representation of performances

Generation of detailed statistical reports

In-cloud and on-premises data storage

Territory information collected with Location Intelligence supports business planning and is useful for defining the strategy to be implemented in specific geographic areas.

The solutions offered by Prassel support its partners in the growth of their network by providing tools that allow them to analyze different aspects of their organization and optimally plan the supply chain.

The use of open-source tools allows maximum implementation and realization of custom-developed software components.

insieme di pedine dello scacchi raggruppate strategicamente

Planning of the corporate supply network

Analysis of logistics costs and travel times

Aware management of business areas

Geographical data at the service of business planning

Prassel’s decades of experience in the Location Intelligence industry allow to provide crucial support to Clients through the optimal combination of software solutions, customized analyses, and specialized consulting in the data processing stages.

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