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Video Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Both available as a stand-alone solution or integrated into other security management consoles, MagicBox enhances new and existing video surveillance systems by enabling automatic recognition of events, people, and object categories via Artificial Intelligence video analytics.

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Plug & Play ​

MagicBox requires no specific installation or wiring. It just needs to be connected to the same network where the video streams are transmitted.


MagicBox’s A.I. video analytics are fully customizable and easily adapt to the needs of several contexts, always ensuring high security levels.

I/O integration

MagicBox perfectly integrates with signaling devices, activating powerful synergies that support the security of the monitored sites.

Why choosing MagicBox for video analytics with Artificial Intelligence

MagicBox automatically monitors areas under video surveillance promptly reporting to the Operations Centers any relevant event.

Video streams can be acquired simultaneously from IP cameras, thermal cameras, NVRs, DVRs and third-party VMSs, allowing their real-time analysis. MagicBox’s video analytics with Artificial Intelligence are fully customizable and can be combined on the same video stream to further expand its event monitoring capabilities.

Multi-brand compatibility and Plug & Play installation turn MagicBox into a flexible and scalable solution that can be activated in a few simple steps, ensuring user-friendliness and certainty of results in several operational contexts.

Gli algoritmi di video analisi con Intelligenza Artificiale

Object detection

MagicBox carries out detailed analyses of the areas subjected to video surveillance to identify the presence of specific objects of interest.

Each object can be classified according to several characteristics, offering effective tools for monitoring the subjects in a given scene.

The ability to analyze live and recorded video streams speeds up event detection, minimizes false positives, and enhances the overall level of security.

Presence and transit of people and vehicles

Loitering and tampering detection

Removed and/or abandoned objects monitoring

Extended stay of specific objects in a scene

Line crossing

With the Line-Crossing algorithm, MagicBox’s can draw virtual perimeters in specific areas and send automatic notifications whenever one or more objects crosses them.

This feature allows MagicBox to automatically detect intrusions and transits in unauthorized directions, notifying them to Operations Rooms.

Monitoring is therefore optimized by allowing constant knowledge of transits and accesses in facilities, as well as the availability of accurate security statistics.

Access monitoring

Transit counting

Intrusion detection

Monitoring of travel directions

Dynamic privacy mask

MagicBox’s artificial intelligence provides dynamic privacy masks to darken selected pixels in a video stream without modifying the original file.

Privacy masks are applied to video streams in order to follow the silhouettes of faces, people, and other privacy-sensitive elements, while leaving the source file of the recordings untouched and available for post-event investigative activities are needed.

This allows video surveillance operations to comply with the privacy regulation of both organizations and their public without reducing the facilities’ security level.

Face and people darkening

Vehicle darkeining

Darkening of privacy-sensitive areas

Smoke & fire

MagicBox’s Smoke & Fire algorithm enables immediate fire detection by recognizing early indicators and distinguishing smoke, flames, and whether one or more persons are present on the scene.

Integration with external I/O devices enables direct activation of firefighting systems, allowing prompt and effective responses.

Instant notification to Operations Rooms and automatic recording of the event further support emergency management and post-event investigation activities.

Smoke and fire detection

Presence of people before, after and during fire events

Automatic countermeasures upon event

Extended presences in hazard areas

Man-Down detection

MagicBox’s Man-Down algorithm automatically accidental falls in areas under video surveillance, providing an extremely useful tool for monitoring environments with isolated workers or where certain conditions can lead to unexpected falls (e.g., healthcare facilities).

Early detection of dangerous situations ensures prompt intervention and promotes damage containment for the benefit of staff and visitors.

Accidental falls detection

Isolated workers monitoring

Fight detection

Face recognition

Where allowed by privacy regulations, MagicBox’s A.I. video analytics can analyze facial biometrics and distinguish between known and unknown faces.

This feature streamlines access control procedures by creating allow-lists with facial biometrics data of authorized employees to increase the overall security level of restricted areas.

Thus, MagicBox’s facial recognition offers extreme accuracy to ensure the security of company assets and guarantee that only authorized persons access sensitive areas.

Biometric access control

Recognition of known faces

Creation of block-lists of flagged faces

Video analytics with Artificial Intelligence and security management

MagicBox is fully compatible with our ViMS suite for integrated security management and other third-party platforms, allowing to share detected events with external systems to meet specific operational and statistical needs.

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