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Support for the design of security infrastructures

To be truly efficient, a security infrastructure requires accurate project consulting both in the preliminary design stages and in the later stages of dynamic installation and management.

To offer reliable support and comprehensive security in every operational context, Prassel provides consulting and operational services that support the delivery of its technology solutions.

Our security project consulting service supports the evaluation, design and dynamic monitoring activities of security infrastructures, facilitating the implementation of integrated and flexible installations.

We foster integration and operational synergy among different security devices to ensure that our customers can leverage the most suitable technology in every installation.

We have already integrated more than 25,000 devices via Onvif protocols and proprietary SDKs, offering a wide range of compatibility.

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Multi-brand integrations

Onvif Protocols


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We work every day to constantly optimize our solutions and meet the emerging needs of Partners and Customers, even the most challenging ones.

We always address to the evolving needs of Safety & Security by customizing our solutions.

The meticulous software development and testing staged, carried out entirely in-house, guarantee efficiency and certainty of results.

Feature development

Software testing

Analysis and optimization

Our expertise in the field of video analytics with Artificial Intelligence allows us to develop AI rules and models for the recognition of specific events.

Using deep learning we train the Artificial Intelligence of our MagicBox to recognize complex events through the analysis of specific elements in the framed scenes.

The full customization of the video analytics to be performed supports Partners and Customers in achieving monitoring and control objectives.

intelligenza artificiale con dati di un codice di programmazione

Customizable AI models

Deep Learning

Operational optimization

Innovation Made in Italy for Safety & Security

For over 15 years we have been developing integrated software solutions for Safety & Security, fostering complete synergy between different devices.

We are always ready to address the challenges arising in the security industry and meet our customers’ needs by integrating new security systems, developing new features, and customizing AI-powered video analysis models.

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