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Smoke & Fire Detection

Automatic recognition of fire outbreaks

With its Smoke & Fire Detection algorithms, MagicBox allows any video surveillance camera to distinguish smoke and flames with immediate timing.

Integration with external I/O devices allows to directly activate fire alarms, guaranteeing a rapid and accurate response.

Use cases



Detecting a fire outbreak as quickly as possible is vital when safeguarding assets and people.

MagicBox guarantees early detection of smoke and fire by analyzing in real-time video surveillance footages and allows to trigger automatic countermeasures for ensuring an immediate response.


In case of fire, immediate detection of the event is also critical for people’s safety and to speed up evacuation procedures.

Thus, artificial intelligence is a tool that offers awareness of people presence, representing a very useful resource that facilitates evacuation and roll-calling activities.


In crowded areas or those that are particularly at risk – such as parks, stations, and highways – early detection of fire outbreaks prevents the damages.

By analyzing video surveillance footages, MagicBox’s AI notifies any changes to Operation Centers and facilitates timely and effective interventions.

The universal AI video analytics system

By combining other features of MagicBox, the Smoke&Fire Detection algorithm also ensures the distinction between arson or spontaneous fires by analyzing video streams to detect:

  • The presence of people before, after, and during the fire
  • The presence of objects that could have caused the ignition
  • presences in areas at risk

Timely notification of such events supports and speeds up emergency response and investigative activities.

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