To enhance the business efficiency with Geographical Awareness

Prassel provides instruments and services that improve the overview and the punctual knowledge of the territory in which you operate. The usage of geographical information improve selling, help to understand the impact of the marketing campaigns and reveals new business to develop. Leading multinational companies in GeoMarketing and Location Intelligence create the software instruments and the geographical data distributed by Prassel. The Prassel’s high value-added services complete the offer.

The Prassel Solution are:


Geocoding and Data enrichment

Improve the quality of business analysis based on the geographical position, renewing the available database on clients, competitors, stores and partner, in order to validate the data origin, to integrate diverse sources and to extract hidden information.


Themed Maps Design

They represent on map events of interest and they point out their dynamics, to explicitate current and potential business scenarios. We provides instruments and tools to represents the performances, the territorial reporting to share the analysis internally and externally.

Support to strategic planning

They support the engineering of business decision models by creating equations to describe business territorial strategies and to validate the company planning to be applied to different geographical areas.

foto_slide_ Geographical

The proposed solutions enrich the already available data and they valorize them with socio-economic information and statistics.