Network of location intelligence that connects different building in the same city



Location Intelligence is a fundamental part of any business model that aims to make the understanding of the territory a resource for success.

In terms of business, the territory is the result of the coexistence in the same geographical area of: offices, competitors, infrastructures, individuals, families, habits, income and education levels. Knowing these characteristics and being able to manage them in an optimal way offers a competitive advantage of relevant importance.

Prassel offers customized technological solutions, services and databases to provide complete analytical systems in the context of Geomarketing and strategic planning. The goal is to support its customers in:

Icon of Knowledge of the areaHaving knowledge of the area

The solutions offered by Prassel allow a meticulous knowledge of specific business areas providing socio-demographic data, lifestyle habits, positioning of competitors, logistics network and clusters of the area.

Icon of business scenarios

Expliciting current and potential business scenarios

Prassel provides tools and methods to represent performances on map, for the development of territorial reporting and for sharing analysis within and outside the corporate organization.

Icon of data managementManaging large volumes of geolocated data

Prassel analyzes the available databases to make them suitable for business purposes and increase quality of information, ensuring greater effectiveness and usability of company databases.

Icon of presence in the area

Managing presence in the area

Prassel supports the opening of new stores, the assignment of targets to assistance centers, the distribution of resources and the activation of marketing campaigns tailored to the socio-economic values of the area.

Icon of logistics optimizationOptimizing the logistics network

Prassel assists its customers in managing the growth of their network providing to optimize deliveries, know the average travel times and logistics costs in different territorial areas, and plan the supply chain and the network of distributors.

Icon of support to the strategic planning

Supporting strategic planning

Prassel provides support in the engineering of decision-making processes, formulating equations to describe territorial business strategies and validate business planning to apply in specific geographical areas.

Icon of customized developmentDesigning and building ad hoc tools

The solutions proposed by Prassel allow to automate specific recurring data collection activities, perform complex processing and manage company information.

Icon of Assistence

Receiving professional advice and training

Prassel provides its customers with technical skills through training, also on-the-job, regarding the technologies provided, GIS and location Intelligence.

The decades of experience in this sector allow Prassel to provide fundamental support to its customers through the optimal combination of software solutions, the development of ad hoc customizations and specialist advice in the processing and data analysis phases.