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Location Intelligence


Location Intelligence is an integral part of any business model that aims to make understanding the territory an asset for success.

The territory is the result of the co-presence in the same geographical area of offices, competitors, and infrastructures, but also of individuals, families, and their specific habits. Knowing these characteristics and learning to govern them efficiently, offers a competitive advantage of great importance in several industries.

Prassel offers open-source technological solutions, based on QGIS software, to design custom-made analytical systems for geo-marketing and strategic planning activities. The goal is supporting companies  and institutions to:

Icona di Conoscenza del territorioKnowing the areas they operate in

Prassel’s solutions ensure detailed knowledge of specific business areas by analyzing socio-demographic and commercial data to support strategic planning activities.

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Analyzing and sharing useful information 

Prassel’s solutions allow on-map representations of performance, the elaboration of reports, the sharing of analysis, and the creation of cloud infrastructures to store and manage useful data.

Icona scenari di businessManaging high quantities of data

Prassel provides advanced tools to enhance enterprise databases and increase the quality of the information they collect, making them suitable for targeted analysis.

Icona di presenza sul territorio

Organizing their presence in specific areas

Geo-referencing the socio-economic values of a particular area supports companies’ expansion processes, allowing more conscious planning of commercial strategies, KPIs, and allocation of resources.

Icona di ottimizzazione della logisticaOptimize their supply chain

Prassel’s solutions support the conscious growth of supply chains by providing advanced tools that allow analyzing and comparing travel times and logistics costs in different geographical areas.

Icona di supporto alla pianificazione strategica

Applying their business strategies in specific areas

Prassel provides support in the application of decision models to apply business strategies efficiently and to validate business plans for specific areas.


""Designing and developing custom-made tools

Prassel’s solutions allow automating data collection by performing advanced processing of different business information. The use of open-source tools offers high possibilities for customization.

The decades of experience in Location Intelligence allow Prassel to provide highly professional support that optimally combines software solutions, tailor-made tools, and specialist advice im data processing and analysis activities.