Location Intelligence

Location intelligence enables the relation of business data and geographical information to better contextualize them and to improve the decision-making processes.

Boundaries are in fact the result given by the presence of: sites, competitors, families, infrastructures, different levels of wealth and of education and habits. To know this information and to use them represents a competitive advantage for your business.

The location intelligence is an integral part of any business model that aim to transform the understanding of the territory a source of success. The 66% of companies deem Location Intelligence essential or extremely important for any growth strategy. The other 34% is already using the geographical data, without having the consciousness of its potential.


Prassel distribute and make use of products of important partners, leaders in the field of GIS and location intelligence, to support its customers in:


Managing their presence on the territory

To support the opening of new sites, to assign to each site revenue and quality goals, to distribute the resources on the territory basing on its potential, to prevent the cannibalization between different sites, to implement marketing campaigns tailored on socio-economic data.


Improve Logistics

To position on the territory all the storages based on the presence of logistical hubs, to know the average driving time and optimize the delivery services, to differentiate logistical costs in different areas, to enable a better planning of the supply chain and of your distributors network, to manage the growth of your network.


Contextualize your data

To create map-based reports, to read the data directly on map, to analyze different values in different context, to elaborate territorial info.


Know the territory

Thanks to a ready availability of socio-demographical data, of credit, way of life, competitor’s position, roadways, driving time and homogeneous clusters.