Location Intelligence is an integral part of any business model that aims to make the understanding of the territory a resource for success.

In this sense, territory is the result of the co-presence in the same geographical area of ​​offices, competitors and infrastructures, but also of individuals, families and their habits. The knowledge of these characteristics and the ability to properly analyze them can offer a great competitive advantage in different sectors.

Prassel offers technological open-source solutions, based on QGIS software, to ensure completely customized analytical systems for geomarketing and strategic planning activities. The goal is to support companies to:

Icon of Knowledge of the areaHave knowledge of the area

The solutions offered by Prassel allow a meticulous knowledge of specific business areas providing socio-demographic and commercial data, such as the organization of influence areas and the positioning of competitors.

Icon of business scenarios

Analyze data and share information

Prassel provides tools and methods to represent performances on map, share analysis inside or outside the corporate network and for the development of cloud infrastructures to store and manage all the gathered information.

Icona scenari di businessManage large volumes of data

Prassel provides data and tools to enhance company databases in order to increase the quality of information and make it suitable for specific analysis purposes.

Icon of presence in the area

Organize the presence in the area

Georeferencing the socio-economic data of an area supports the opening of new stores, the assignment of KPIs to distribution and assistance centers, the distribution of resources and the planning of marketing and commercial campaigns.

Icon of logistics optimizationOptimize the logistics network

Prassel’s solutions assist its customers in the growth of their network providing tools that allow to analyze and compare the traveling times and the costs of logistics in different geographical areas in order to plan supply chain in an optimal way.

Icon of support to the strategic planning

Support strategic planning

Prassel provides support in the application of decision-making processes for territorial business strategies and in the validation of corporate planning in specific geographical areas.

Icon of customized developmentDesign and build ad hoc tools

The solutions proposed by Prassel allow to automate specific recurring data collection activities, perform complex processing and manage company information. Furthermore, the use of open-source tools allows maximum customization and creation of ad-hoc Application components.

The decades of experience in this sector allow Prassel to provide fundamental support to its customers through the optimal combination of software solutions, ad hoc customizations and specialist advice in the data processing and analysis phases.