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Man-down detection

Unexpected falls monitoring

MagicBox automatically detects situations where one or more people are lying on the ground in a camera-framed scene.

Early detection of high-risk situations for a facility’s staff and visitors guarantees prompt intervention and assists in damage mitigation for the benefit of those involved.

Use cases

Man-down detection


MagicBox’s Man-Down is particularly useful for monitoring environments with isolated workers (e.g., cold rooms), where there are conditions conducive to falls (e.g., wet floors), where fragile people transit (e.g., hospitals and nursing homes) or where visitors stop by (e.g., bank ATM areas).

With MagicBox’s automatic notifications, the detection of people on the ground in indoor and outdoor environments enables timely interventions in cases of accidents or sickness.

man-down detection


MagicBox’s Man-Down feature is also very useful where there is a significant risk of assault or other events that could result in the flooring of security personnel, or eventual bystanders.

With MagicBox’s Man-Down, in the case an event occurs, Control Rooms are immediately and automatically notified to alert nearby security personnel and activate the recording of contextual cameras for evidentiary purposes.

man-down detection


MagicBox’s Man-down also allows monitoring of large public areas such as parks, stations, and sidewalks without the need to constantly employ on-site personnel.

Thus, MagicBox’s Artificial Intelligence contributes to maintaining an appropriate level of citizen safety and urban well-being. When the MagicBox detects people on the ground in a camera-framed area, a real-time alarm is notified for the activation of rescue operations.

The universal AI video analyitics system

Man-down detection

Man-down allows the automatic detection of the typical posture of people lying down or on the floor. Thus, MagicBox’s constant monitoring and prompt notifications warn about situations that are threatening to people’s health and require prompt emergency action, such as in the case of:

  • isolated workers
  • falls and sickness
  • assaults

Compatibility with I/O modules also allows automatic actions to be configured upon events, such as activating sirens, speakers, and light panels.

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