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Object Detection

Recognition of people, vehicles and objects

Object Detection Algorithms enable the identification of specific classes of objects by highlighting all their occurrences within live and recorded video streams.

MagicBox natively features several A.I. models for automatic detection and classification of numerous object categories.

Use cases


MagicBox can perform in-depth analyses of scenes framed by video surveillance systems in order to identify the presence of objects of interest.

Each object can also be distinguished according to different characteristics, such as type or color, providing effective tools for the classification of subjects present in a scene.



Through Object Detection, it is possible to perform analyses aimed at detecting the presence or absence of one or more elements in the scene, even from different categories.

This type of analysis can be useful for monitoring highly sensitive areas, also thanks to the possibility of identifying loitering events by setting the maximum stay time.



MagicBox is a valuable ally for the improvement of monitoring capabilities in road safety.

In fact, thanks to the ability to recognize people, vehicles and animals, its algorithms make it possible to automatically identify compliance with preferential and emergency lanes, observance of road signs and red lights.

The universal AI video analytics system

The possibility of recognizing and classifying objects significantly enhances video surveillance networks, automating and improving operations for the monitoring of:

  • presences and transits of people, vehicles and animals
  • loitering
  • tampering
  • prohibited parkings and infractions

All detected events are archived according to criteria tailored to business needs.

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