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Dynamic Privacy Mask

Blurring of faces and environments

MagicBox’s Artificial Intelligence allows the use of Dynamic Privacy Masks for the custom blurring of specific areas of video streams, without applying any change to the original footage.

In this way, video surveillance activities can be carried out in total compliance with the company and public’s privacy needs.

Use cases


Video surveillance in public places must consider privacy regulations that require more accurate monitoring.

Dynamic Privacy Masks are applied to live video streams and follow the silhouettes of faces and people without affecting the recordings, so that can be viewed if specific events occur.


Also in private areas, it is necessary to protect employees and observe union agreements to comply with data processing regulations in areas under video surveillance.

When it is needed, MagicBox prevents the vision and recognition of moving subjects to ensure privacy while protecting environments, assets, and people.


Dynamic Privacy Masks can be applied to specific portions of the scene, limiting the monitoring in those areas outside exclusive competency.

Being able to exclude certain areas from the analysis allows full privacy compliance while monitoring environments adjacent to private areas.

The universal AI video analytics system

Dynamic Privacy Masks protect personal data, do not affect the detection of desired events, and allow video streams to be displayed in operating rooms with different types of overlays:

  • darkening
  • blurring
  • bounding box

Unencrypted recorded video streams remain unaltered and always available for evidentiary purposes.

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