Digital services offered on different devices

Professional Services

The customers and its needs is at the center of our work.
We carefully develop our solutions following the specific needs and goals of our customers.

Prassel enriches its solutions providing highly value-added professional services tailored on the customer needs:

Software development services icon
Software components Development and Customization services.
Integration services icon
Third part devices integration on the proposed platforms.
Testing Services Icon
Installation and test support services.
Maintence services icon
Modulative and corrective software maintenance.
Support Services Icon
Technical support and SLA intervention adequate to more timely needs.
Scheduled technical assistence icon
Programmed technical assistance.
Technical assistence services icon
On demand technical assistance.
Training services icon
Technical formation.
Evolutionary assistence services icon
Evolutive assistance services.

For specific needs, Prassel is available to provide tailored services and support for strategic planning strategic planning.