Protecting forces on field

Prassel’s solutions provides the support needed to ensure the safety and the wellbeing of the forces on field through instruments that , both for law enforcement and private contractors, thanks to instruments that enable the management of alarms, the transmission of audio/video stream and the geo referentiation of the position.

The decennial experience, accrued in the protection of law enforcement agents, particularly with the project “Mercurio” in collaboration with the Italians State Police, suggested the development of a mobile app whose functions are:

To give one or more control centers the ViMS© system in its client-server version.

To give to the personnel an Android/IoS APP that enables a connection with the situation room, for those entire situations that can represent an immediate danger for the user, or when a “Man down” event is automatically detected.

It is important to note that the application can be installed on professional Android-ready Bodycam or on IoS/Android smartphones.

The control room, as well as receiving the multimedia and positional data, can notify to the officer the reception of the alarm and support him depending on the procedures set.

The solution ease the reporting of events from the field personnel and it reduce the intervention time form the control room.

Thank to the mobile solution proposed by Prassel, field teams are safer and can signal alarms o intervention requests, safely and certain of being supported by the command center.