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Cyber Security

Prassel is available for its Partners and Customers to support the implementation of security projects and to help reduce the risks of vulnerability in terms of cyber security.

Prassel has adopted international security and privacy standards (ISO, NIST, DISA, SANS Institute, CSA, IEFT and others) and has paid particular attention to provide security measures relating data processing, in compliance with Data Processing pursuant to the “provision” of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data of 27 November 2008 implemented in the Official Journal. n. 300 of 24 December 2008, of EU Regulation 679/2016 and of the Italian privacy legislation (GDPR).

Prassel has appointed an external DPO in order to further improve its business processes, and monitor their application, fully implementing the principles underlying the GDPR.

The aim is to provide tips and tools to develop and implement practices that help identify and understand security risks and take the right corrective measures.

Much of this guide focuses on IT security elements and settings, but it is worth pointing out that the physical security of the systems where ViMS client are installed are as protected as possible from tampering and unauthorized access.

In general, to implement ViMS security the following actions are suggested:

  1. Doing a census of the devices to be protected
  2. Strengthening the components of the surveillance system:
    • the physical and virtual security of servers, clients and devices
    • the network
    • the firmware or software of the cameras
  3. Documenting and updating the security settings of each system
  4. Training all the staff so that they can contribute to safety practices

ViMS has been designed to already give an excellent level of protection of the systems for which it is used, with specific functions dedicated to:

  1. controlled access with secure code and double password
  2. advanced logging of operations
  3. advanced user creation and privilege assignment tools
  4. Integration with AD systems
  5. Encryption and digital signature

Please refer to the user manuals and guide cards for each ViMS functionality.

Prassel, an entirely italian company:

  1. Designs and manufactures all the tools integrated in the ViMS suite and its software life cycle is ce UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard compliant (certificate No. AJAEU / 15/13383 valid);
  2. Stores the source code of the ViMS suite at its headquarters and with a secure backup on a server in Italy
  3. produces and revises the source code internally, without outsourcing the production of any section of the source code to third-party companies or outside Italy

These corporate characteristics and policies guarantee to the solidity and safety of ViMS, which for the company represents an essential condition to operate on the market and to develop ViMS.

Detailed documentation with an indication of the best practices on the subject is available in the Reserved Area.

NB: Prassel avails itself of the specialist advice of qualified professionals and specialized companies for all IT security issues relating to the products it releases, and in particular it makes use of the support of the partner company eTrace Digital Security –