To check the roads maintenance status

ViMSDetection is a tailored system for public and private road managers, that give an answer to the need of a constant and preemptive monitoring, in compliance with the most recent laws and for the safety and the comfort of drivers.

ViMSDetection natively integrate video surveillance instruments for the hastily and punctual maintenance of roads and an informed management of infrastructures. The goal is to equip maintenance squads of an instrument that let them to signal automatically cases of road pitfalls, illegal signage and other anomalies and that can be used during ordinary activities.

ViMSDetection use an APP installed on tablet and smartphone, which allow the user to follow the path of the road, to record GNSS coordinates during the check-up, to record automatically HQ video, to send footage and photo to record audio notes during the routes, to manage control and intervention session.


The solution ease all the activities of the institution responsible of the maintenance of the road infrastructures in the framework of existing regulations regarding the responsibility of territorial institutions on road maintenance, particularly the law of the civil code n. 120 del 29/07/2010 art 14 comma 1 and the article 2043 e 2051.