ViMSMagicBox – Artificial Intelligence


ViMS MagicBox is the innovative device that allows to analyze multimedia flows in real time through the use of advanced AI algorithms .

Perfectly integrated in the ViMS Operating Room platform, and available also as a stand-alone solution, ViMSMagicBox optimizes new and pre-existing audio-video system activating the recognition of specific events, faces and categories of objects, on both live and recorded streams.

The information collected and processed by ViMSMagicBox is inserted into the security management process; metadata are stored and sent to the Operations Room where they can be used for real-time alarm management or to perform investigation activities.

The features of this innovative device provide sets of AI algorithms and rules, which are tailor-made on the specific needs of the different organizations:


Safety & Security

  • line-crossing, loitering e object detection
  • face mask and crowd gathering detection
  • real time people counting in dangerous areas
  • monitoring of mandatory pathways and intrusions in restriced areas
  • detection of changes in the scenario  of sensitive areas

Access control

  • real time people counting in specific areas
  • entries and exits counting through line-crossing detection
  • face mask detection
  • monitoring od intrusions in restricted areas
  • AddOn: Face Recognition

Traffic Monitoring

  • dangerous crossing detection
  • wrong way vehicle detection
  • recognition of stops in forbidden areas
  • recognition of vehicles per by type and color and counting of vehicles, people and line-crossing events

Parking monitoring

  • vehicle entries and exits counting
  • Identification of available and occupied parking slots
  • Detection of prolonged stops in transit areas
  • People in transit areas and dangerous crossings
  • wrong way transits and occupation of reserved parking slots

Privacy compliance

  • Privacy mask on facespeople and objects
  • Privacy mask on live video streams
  • Reception of events with privacy mask
  • No manipulation of the original video streams


  • Analysis with thermal cameras
  • Reception of alarms by temperature range