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ViMS Technology©

Security anytime and anywhere

ViMS is a software platform for the integrated management of Security and Safety.

Innovative, flexible and featured with a simple and intuitive user interface, ViMS is able to satisfy efficiently any security need by enriching the infrastructure, simplifying the procedures and facilitating the achievement of security goals.

Why you should choose ViMS

The core advantage of ViMS is to provide advanced Security & Safety tools that enables the user to manage different systems and operational areas, in real time and from a single console.

ViMS fully integrates the majority of security systems and provides the most advanced Operation Room features, allowing those in charge of the Control Centre to promptly assess, manage and investigate alarms triggered by the security systems.

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Integrated Management

A unique console to manage video-surveillance systems, access control, license plate readers, fire control and intrusion units without needing any further software.

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Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to integrated artificial intelligence algorithms, ViMS allows advanced drill down operations of live and recorded video streams, aiming to facilitate the recognition of specific events and objects.

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Real time Management of alarms

Live alarms and video streams, received with the minimum delay and with the highest quality allowed by the network, ensure the prompt management of the events directly from the Operation Room.

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Interactive cartography and planimetry

The integration of digital and interactive cartographies allows spatial contextualization and dynamical control of the security devices throughout the concerned territory.

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Complete customization

ViMS modular structure offers endless possibilities for customization, in order to adjust its features to different needs and realities.

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Flexible and Scalable architecture

Possibility of multi or mono-site and multi or mono-server installation. ViMS is able to adapt to any type of organization, maximising its performance.

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Not just in the Control Room

: The ViMS suite is not just composed by the Operation Room desktop client, but it also includes a wide range of accessory applications that allow to virtually manage the security equipment from a web browser or a mobile device.

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Prassel provides 24/7 support services to assist the customer throughout all project phases and to achieve the best results.

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