ViMS© Technology

Security everywhere always

ViMS© is a Security and Safety integrated platform. ViMS© is innovative, flexible, user-friendly and it is capable of answering effectively to any customer’s security needs, enhancing its infrastructure, while streamlining its procedures, making it easier to achieve protection goals.

ONVIF profiles G & S conformant

Reliability and ease at the service of Safety & Security

ViMS© have been conceived to manage many operational areas and systems simultaneously, in real time and through an integrated management console. It features the most modern operation room features and it provides to those in charge of the control center the ability of always knowing the field system status and the alarms triggered by the security system. It provides the best safeguards for the personnel, while enforcing the most restrictive rules of privacy.


Video Surveillance

• Integrated security system
• Native management of audio-video streams
• Preexistent systems support
• Simultaneous Video Streams support
• Wall monitor and video matrix support
• DVR/NVR Centralization


Plates and Traffic

• ANPR (automatic plate recognition)
• Automatic control of vehicles compliance with insurance and yearly engine inspection

In the Security Control Room Two Officers Monitoring Multiple Screens for Suspicious Activities, They Report any Unauthorised Activities with Walkie-Talkie. They  Guard Object of National Importance.

Access Control

• Reception and employee management
• Access Control
• Mechatronic Handles control
• Antitheft and anti antifire alarms
• Vehicle gates


Alarms and reports

• Real-time alarm reception
• Scenario Analysis
• Universal sensors support
• Motion alarm
• Statistics and search engine
• Interactive Maps and floor plans


Suite e Tools

• Adaptive Server architecture
• Complete customization
• Activity Logs management and storage
• Easy and user-friendly interface
• Complete system administration
• Desktop, Web and Mobile based clients



A unique system to manage the video surveillance, the access control, plate reading, antitheft, antifire and alarms without any other software.

Real-time management

Live alarms and video streams received with the minimum delay and with the best quality allowed for the network performances.

Interactive Maps and Floor planning

Integrated maps and floor planning management, for real-time interaction with on field devices, for contextualizing them and monitoring the status.

Complete Customization

Completely customizable, the software allows changes and further developments to satisfy new needs of the customers.

Flexible and scalable architecture

Multi-site or mono-site, multi-server or mono-server installation: ViMS can adapt to any organization, maximizing its performances.

Support and assistance

Full assistance before and after the ViMS installation. The client is followed through all the project phases to guarantee its complete success.