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Integrated Technologies for Safety & Security


Meeting emerging Safety & Security needs by integrating people, data and technologies in an ever-evolving world.


Developing integrated solutions and Artificial Intelligence systems to protect  people, assets, and organizations.


Creating and designing new tools and ways to simplify the management of complexity and the protection of people and assets. Operating in the marketplace with a deep sense of ethics and respect for people’s work.

Una persona verifica lo stato della sicurezza fisica tramite un tablet

Open and synergic integration

The possibility to freely choose the most suitable Safety & Security technologies is the key to increase the physical security of people, assets and information.

We developed our ViMS solution to facilitate operational synergy between different security technologies, providing an integrated system for the management of the devices produced by several brands of the Safety & Security industry.

Artificial intelligence for physical security

Video analytics with Artificial Intelligence represents an innovative tool to overcome emerging security challenges.

We developed a Plug & Play solution to analyze video surveillance footage with A.I., enhancing monitoring capability and optimizing the notification of relevant events.

Intelligenza Artificiale riconosce una persona in un edificio a scopi di sicurezza fisica
Due agenti di polizia si confrontano su un allarme di sicurezza fisica guardando il filmato su un tablet

Ehnancment of the investigation process

With our Clue platform, we offer an innovative service to share video surveillance evidence quickly and securely with law enforcement agencies.

Digital management of video evidence simplifies investigative analyses and lowers times and logistical costs of sharing footage of interest, while ensuring the integrity of the information.

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