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Integrated Safety & Security management

Integrated Security management via ViMS enhances security infrastructures by supporting the achievement of protection objectives and effectively addressing any monitoring need.

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Centralized Safety & Security

ViMS provides integrated management of a potentially unlimited number of Safety & Security devices, with no technological constraints.

Flexible and scalable architecture

Its high customization capabilities allows ViMS to effectively meet any design and operational requirements, even the most demanding ones.

User-friendly and cost-effective

With ViMS, Safety & Security activities can be streamlined by minimizing false positives, reducing intervention costs and optimizing human workload.

Why choosing ViMS for integrated security management

ViMS Suite provides an open and comprehensive system that establishes complete operational synergy within multi-device, multi-brand and multi-site security infrastructures.

By integrating Safety & Security devices – including video surveillance, license plate reading, access control, fire and intrusion alarms and other tech systems – ViMS manages and contextualizes security information to simplify operational management and optimize monitoring activities in each site.

Modular architecture for integrated security management


ViMS centralizes the management of security systems in a single software interface, enabling operational synergies that support Safety & Security operations.

The system gathers and processes the relevant information sent from on-field devices, even when located in different remote sites.

Thus, ViMS always offers a tridimensional view of security and provides operators with the relevant insights to effectively protect facilities and people.

Integrated management of on-field security devices

Operational synergy between different systems

Geo-referencing of devices, events, and alarms

Video surveillance

ViMS concentrates the management of IP cameras, encoders, NVRs, DVRs, and thermal monitoring systems into an integrated and proactive software platform.

Its advanced operational features simplify several security tasks, such as checking the status of devices, displaying contextual alarms, conducting video inspections, recording and exporting video streams, configuring automatic countermeasures to be triggered upon specific events, and much more.

The system’s native universality, certified, allows the integration of more than 25,000 security devices and offers high levels of scalability.

Integrated management of video streams

Quick search of events

Storage and export of recordings, also with encryption

Automatic countermeasures upon events

Plate reading

The compatibility of ViMS with a wide range of ANPR readers, both fixed and mobile, enables advanced monitoring of vehicular transits in streets and parking areas.

ViMS processes data collected by license plate readers and compares them with institutional or customized block-lists and allow-lists, highlighting potential alarm situations.

The system is natively designed to interact with the institutional databases of DMVs, ANIA and with the SCNTT of the Italian Police, offering crucial support to territorial control activities.

Real-time monitoring of vehicular transits

Management of customized block-lists and allow-lists

Detection of traffic light violations and flagged vehicles

Integration with SCNTT, ANIA and DMVs' databases

Access control

ViMS also contributes to the integrated management of access control, opening the door to full operational synergy between security devices of different types and brands.

The system allows: configuring access privileges, profiling staff, assigning badges, sharing access authorizations across locations, monitoring events in real-time, and controlling access gates.

ViMS is specifically designed to foster the integration of access control information with those of video surveillance, license plate reading, and intrusion alarms, allowing access events to be monitored from multiple perspectives.

Monitoring of pedestrian gates and driveways

Access counting and monitoring of restricted areas

Management of employees’ data and access privileges

Creation, assignment and management of badges and smartcards

Intrusion alarms

ViMS enables full operational synergy between intrusion detection and other physical security systems, minimizing the occurrence of false positives.

All alarms are displayed in the system accompanied by video footage and contextual information. Thus, from a single console it is possible to manage intrusion events completely, also by activating targeted automatic countermeasures.

Events and alarms are securely stored within the system, with the possibility of exporting data in encrypted and digitally-signed format to support investigations and post-event analysis activities.

Motion detection and instant synchronization of contextual footage

Geo-referencing of alarms on interactive maps

Snapshots and contextual information on received alarms

Customizable automatic actions upon event

Fire alarms

ViMS Suite is designed to efficiently integrate all fire alarm information and to manage emergencies in a timely and accurate manner.

ViMS constantly monitors the status of on-field systems and provides instant notifications when an alarm is triggered, showing useful information such as location and type of an event, contextual video surveillance footage, and real-time actions carried out by operators.

Automatic rules can also be configured to support security, enabling the activation of fire systems, the evacuation of facilities, and the immediate notification of the emergency to the entitled authorities.

Integrated management of alarm and security systems

Visualization of alerts on multi-level maps

Integration with emergency procedures

Synergy with video surveillance and access control

Plug & play integration with Artificial Intelligence

ViMS seamlessly integrates with MagicBox’s Artificial Intelligence, enabling automatic event monitoring via accurate video analysis.

A wide range of integrations with ViMS

We have already completed the integration of more than 25,000 security devices of different brands and types, enabling full operational synergy in several physical security infrastructures with different levels of complexity.

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