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Advanced in-vehicle videosurveillance system

ViMSAuto© is the innovative solution for video surveillance and territorial control that transforms patrol vehicles into fully-fledged mobile Operations Centers.

Through the integrated management of vehicular technologies, ViMSAuto© allows to analyze in real time the license plate numbers, verify the presence of wanted vehicles, record audio/video streams, transmit information and GPS position to the Operations Centers.

Innovation Made in Italy


Advanced mobile territorial control

ViMS© functionalities can be installed aboard Law Enforcement and private security vehicles, allowing territorial control on-the-move.

Thus, patrolling vehicles can receive real-time alerts and alarms from the surrounding environment and intervene when necessary.

Operating units can analyze events, transmit contextual alerts, request reinforcements, and share information with the Operations Room and the other patrols.

Integration of data collected on-field

ViMSAuto© generates a mobile safety network by allowing patrolling vehicles to collect data and analyze detected events.

For example, license plate numbers collected during patrolling activities integrate with the data sent from fixed locations and are compared with available blacklists.

ViMSAuto© supports the optimization of the security workflow and guarantees a timely response.

Artificial Intelligence on-the-move

The several Artificial Intelligence algorithms available with MagicBox increase the monitoring capabilities of the security systems installed on board the vehicles.

Advanced Object Detection features allow the automatic recognition of specific events and timely data collection.

The use of Artificial Intelligence on-the-move is an innovative feature offered by the operational synergy between Prassel’s ViMS Suite and MagicBox AI.

The complete vehicular solution for mobile territorial control

ViMSAuto© is the complete vehicular solution to monitor and coordinate Law Enforcement operations and territorial control activities.

The possibility to centrally manage the devices installed on-board of patrol vehicles allows operators to analyze events and transits in real time, receive contextual alarms, and share useful information with the Operations Rooms and the other patrols.

With ViMSAuto©, vehicles can record all events of interest, analyze the regularity of the surrounding vehicles and their compliance with the laws, as well as communicate with the Operations Centers.

At the same time, Control Rooms constantly receive the events reported by patrols, with the ability to verify information, provide indications, send reinforcements, and actively monitor the position of the deployed forces.

Key Features

Integrated and centralized physical security

ViMSAuto© is an integral part of the centralization Suite ViMS Technology©, which enables multidevice and multibrand synergy between Safety & Security subsystems.

From a single centralized interface, it is possible to interact with all the systems connected to your security infrastructure. IP video surveillance, access control, license plate reading, video analysis with Artificial Intelligence… all in an intuitive and cutting-edge Suite, entirely developed in Italy.


Advanced IP Video Surveillance

Compliance with Onvif GST protocols allows the integration of over 21,000 video surveillance and thermal monitoring devices.

The ability to analyze events aboard the vehicle and to interact with fixed and mobile video surveillance systems generates an advanced operational synergy.

Operators can verify any event in real-time with video inspection activities, thus optimizing and speeding up the operational management.

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Advanced vehicle transit monitoring

The integration of a wide range of license plate reading cameras allows the complete monitoring of vehicles in transit and the immediate verification of irregularities and violations.

ViMS© promptly processes the data collected by fixed and mobile license plate readers, compares them with blacklists and whitelists and highlights alarm situations.

The several operational features also allow to carry out any activity of monitoring, analysis, and data sharing.

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Mobile APP to support field staff

ViMS© offers a range of mobile APPs for the management of Safety & Security networks that enhance the contribution of on-field security operators.

With ViMS APPSuite, smartphones and PDAs become real Operating Rooms able to receive streaming and alarms from security systems.

In addition, the operators’ bodycams become active signaling devices, able to send man-down alarms, signal the position of the operators and transmit contextual videos.

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Key Benefits


Mobile territorial control

Analyzing different types of events on-the-move through an integrated software platform allows to extend territorial control activities.

With ViMS© patrolling vehicles become real mobile control stations, able to timely analyze events and share useful information with the Operations Centers

Increased capacity for operational intervention

ViMS© advanced alarm reporting capabilities greatly increase situational awareness and operational response.

The Control Centers can immediately identify the areas affected by emergencies, promptly dispatch neighboring patrols, and support their intervention.

A police officer uses "Sistema Mercurio" to monitor traffic

Coordination and protection of field personnel

Through ViMS©, patrolling vehicles are constantly supported by Operations Centers, with the possibility to receive indications and request reinforcements.

Allowing on-field forces to communicate bi-directionally with each other and coordinate joint interventions significantly increases the protection of security personnel.